Synchronous condenser packages: Solving the challenges of renewable energy integration

ABB is already a leading expert in supporting Australia's clean energy transformation. Learn about all the important benefits of synchronous condensers and what's required in a packaged solution.

A synchronous condenser is a device that supports network voltage by providing reactive power compensation and additional short circuit power capacity.

Fundamentally, a synchronous condenser is a synchronous generator operating without a prime mover. Generation or consumption of reactive power is achieved by regulating the excitation current.

By supporting the grid with short-circuit power, inertia and reactive power, ABB synchronous condensers are playing an increasingly important role in the era of renewable energy.

Using competitive and standardized 5-80 MVar modules, we can tailor complete systems up to 350 MVar. The result is a compact solution that can be rapidly deployed. 

ABB offers flexible scope of supply. The scope ranges from the main components such as synchronous condensers, control and start equipment, pony motors, cooling systems, lubrication systems, and more. As a result, ABB provides more extensive turnkey solutions including synchronous condenser system simulation support, switchgear and buildings with the support from our ABB Systems channels.

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Key benefits of ABB Synchronous condensers
High Inertia

ABB synchronous condensers with flywheel provide high and instantaneous inertia, which ensure stable network frequency.

Short-circuit Power

Designed for significant overload capability, ABB synchronous condensers can support instantaneous faults by reducing voltage dips and helping renewables in fault ride-through capability.

Reactive Power

ABB synchronous condensers can maintain network voltage by supplying or absorbing reactive power.

Worldwide support

ABB customer support service is available in any location – ABB specialists provide fast and highly professional support in all stages from planning, commissioning to maintenance.



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