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What is the best single example of teamwork in your career?

At the beginning of my career as a service engineer with ABB, collaboration was one of the keys to success. By working together and consulting with my colleagues, we were able to ensure our customers were satisfied. Given that there is good collaboration among the different divisions within ABB as well, I was given the opportunity to take my career in new directions in another division. In the one where I am working now as a technical sales engineer, good collaboration among co-workers and our factories is essential if we are to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

How has working in a global business impacted you?

A great advantage of working for a multinational is that you have friends and co-workers all around the world. I personally have had the chance to spend half a year at one of our production centres in Italy. Thanks to that experience, I gained a clearer understanding of what goes on after we have placed our order with the factory. Thanks to my stay in Italy and the many kinds of global contacts I have developed, I now have a better and broader view of the world. 

How does integrity make our organization more successful?

ABB is known as an ethical organization, whose employees always act honourably. This means that it is also clear to our customers that in choosing ABB they have opted for an honest and trustworthy supplier. Within ABB as well, integrity is on the list of top priorities. That means employees are allowed, from the very beginning, to report if they come across anything dishonest. If this happens, they simply report it to the integrity officer, for honesty is always the best policy. 

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