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What is the best single example of teamwork in your career?

In the past year I was involved with the (financial) integration of one of our acquisitions. In the process, we worked with ABB co-workers of various disciplines and nationalities. The most telling example in that case was the collaboration with the newly acquired party and the ABB countries involved, such as Turkey and Russia. At the beginning of the project we had a few meetings in person, but within a few months we were working well together via video and telephone conferences.

How has working in a global business impacted you?

Personally, I have had an international career for more than two years. Intercultural contacts with and visits to our factories at various locations are a core element of my job. Every day I speak on the phone with a co-worker from a different country to discuss a matter relating to our business. I enjoy the various cultures and the learning opportunities this provides. In my view, ABB has enormous diversity in professional staff and in the qualities at its disposal, and that is something we will need in the coming years, in view of globalization, trends and changes in our sectors.

How does integrity make our company more successful?

Openness and transparency are important aspects of collaboration in an organization as large as ABB. I really experience this during the ongoing changes that we are introducing. Keeping one’s word, follow-up, respect for everyone’s views, listening and asking questions lead to better collaboration and help us achieve our goals. I personally do not work with customers and suppliers, but I value my ABB co-workers’ professionalism very highly.