Access Control: control site movement and enhance site safety in one go

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Track and trace

You should have complete insight over your site access. ABB Triple-A identification audit tracking will show you exactly when and where cards have been scanned. Custom made messages will inform you on when, who and why someone was denied access.

Limit site movement

You need a system that gives you complete control over your site access. Every card scan is validated at the ABB Triple-A server through a customizable logic to make sure that the right person is at the right spot at the right time and in the right circumstances.

Safe work environment

In times where safety is everyone’s main priority, ABB Triple-A enhances the safety of your site by monitoring the time in between card scans. If we haven’t “heard” of a driver during some time, the customizable security timer activates an alarm to notify dispatch.

In an event of calamity, time is crucial. With the push of single button, dispatch can print a list of all the drivers that are present on site. 

Key benefits

  • Audit track & trace
  • Validated card scans
  • Customizable security timers
  • One-button presence list
  • Wide range of devices supported
  • Various protocols supported
  • Ability to connect to more than 100 different kind of devices
  • Digital twins of real devices

Wide range of security devices

Your site security and safety requires a wide range of devices that need to interact with each other. Barriers, tourniquets, finger print readers, card scanners… ABB Triple-A connects everything. We support various protocols, such as OSDP, Wiegand, OPC, modbus etc. 

Digital twins

Every device that you will be using in the real world, can be tested and simulated with its digital twin. We will make certain that your site is going to be safe and secure, and we have all the tools to thoroughly test all of the customizable logic before we implement it on site.

Client tool

At the heart of the system lays the ABB Triple-A client tool which can be used by guards and dispatch teams. Easily configure and monitor all activities at your plant. Define user groups, security timers, accessing rules and much more with just a few mouse clicks. With the powerful customizable security validation scripts, the possibilities are endless.

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