ABB and Solar Impulse: building a better world

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What Solar Impulse is doing in the air, ABB is doing on the ground

ABB and Solar Impulse have a shared belief: that it is possible to grow the global economy without using up the world’s resources and polluting our atmosphere. By using the most up-to-date technologies on the market today, we could dramatically reduce global energy consumption, cut emissions and improve quality of life for all.

What Solar Impulse is achieving in the air, ABB is doing on the ground, whether it’s proving that renewables can be part of a reliable, stable off-grid electricity supply, driving internet-enabled optimization and leading the way in sustainable transport solutions.


In the air, Solar Impulse has proved that a reliable 24/7 electricity supply can be achieved using 100% renewable sources. On the ground, ABB is ensuring clean energy can power remote communities, thanks to its state of the art microgrid solutions.


Solar Impulse has demonstrated the huge potential of solar power. ABB is a major partner to the global solar industry, an important player in the transition to an energy supply incorporating renewable sources.

Internet of Things, Services and People

Solar Impulse is a cutting-edge example of the internet of things, services and people: thousands of sensors sending data to complex simulation systems. Without them, Solar Impulse would not be able to fly. With its IoTSP solutions and expertise ABB is poised to lead the next industrial revolution, where ubiquitous connectivity and machine learning will drive ever greater industrial efficiency and optimization.

Sustainable transportation

Solar Impulse is an ultra-efficient form of transport. The top priority is keeping energy use to the absolute minimum. ABB is leading the way in sustainable transport, cutting down on waste and powering electric vehicles.

ABB EV road trip

Solar Impulse represents just the opening stage of a new golden age of environmentally friendly transportation. By flying around the globe without consuming any fossil fuels, the project clearly demonstrates how new technologies are currently opening the door to a new era of fully sustainable transportation.
The ABB electric road trip began at Seville Airport, the European landing point for Solar Impulse, passing through 6 countries (Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland and Germany),  stopping at ABB sites that are contributing to the integration of renewables, energy efficiency and sustainable transport solutions: providing the pioneering technology for a better world and a cleaner future.

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The journey continues...

Home away from home

As part of ABB’s innovation and technical alliance with Solar Impulse, our engineers have used their expertise to enhance the solar plane’s electrical systems and to help ensure the ongoing success of the mission. This year, an ABB engineer is again part of the Solar Impulse ground crew, providing essential technical support, as the round-the-world flight continues.

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