The Solar Impulse round-the-world flight archive: 2015

Solar Impulse is “mission-ready” as of the 15th of April 2016. This means that the plane and support team are ready to fly as soon as a weather conditions allow. 

ABB is proud to renew its technology alliance with Solar Impulse and, during the second half of this historic mission to circumnavigate the globe using only solar power, will be demonstrating how we are doing on the ground what Solar Impulse is achieving in the air


Fueled by the sun, a pioneering spirit and technological innovation

Home away from home: ABB's technology and engineering expertise help protect the Si2 plane while on the ground 

Designed to withstand winds of 100km/h, the mobile hangar can inflate in 6-8 hours.

Take a look inside:

Meet our 'solar impulse' engineers: as part of the project, 3 ABB engineers were embedded on the Solar Impulse team, split between the Mission Control Center in Monaco, the engineering team in Switzerland, and the ground crew that follows the plane around the world.

The Solar Impulse journey so far

Takeoff: Abu Dhabi: March 9, 2015

Muscat, Oman: March 2015

Ahmedabad & Varanasi, India: March, 2015

Feature article
From desert to sea, ABB helps remote villages get ‘Access to Electricity’

Mandalay, Myanmar: March, 2015

Chongqing & Nanjing, China: March-May, 2015

Nagoya, Japan: June 2015

Honolulu, Hawaii: landed July 3, 2015