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Power Quality

Capacitors and filters for enhanced power quality and efficiency

ABB’s Capacitors and filters product portfolio consists of a wide range of high, medium and low voltage capacitors and filters that can address any type of power quality issue. ABB’s offering has a variety of solutions for compensation requirements in buildings also, ranging from optimally sized capacitor banks to state of the art active stepless compensators.

Lighting systems, office equipment and building service equipment like HVAC, elevators, UPS-systems etc. in buildings cause a variety of power quality problems.

These loads create harmonics or “electrical pollution.” If the harmonic levels in an electrical system are too high, this causes load failure or erratic behavior, increase in system losses, and overload and possible tripping of the installed protection devices. It may also lead to non-compliance to harmonic regulations of utilities.

In building applications, a significant number of loads have a single phase connection drawing unbalanced current from the supply and creating voltage imbalance in the system. This increases losses in the system and lead to reduction in the lifetime of the equipment and even failure.  All this ultimately results in higher running costs of the building.

Finally, in specific applications, the power factor of building loads can be inductive as well as capacitive requiring compensation equipment that can handle these two cases.

Our solutions are ideally incorporated in the system at the design phase. By partnering with ABB, customers get a rich experience in analysis, design and engineering skills for addressing Power Quality issues successfully. ABB is a one-stop shop for the complete Power Quality product portfolio supported by a worldwide service organization that can act with local precision.

Main Benefits:
  • Trouble-free operation of your electrical system and less down-time, leading to a better end use experience
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Possible reduction of running costs and CO2 emissions


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