Building Solutions for Infrastructure

The economy and the society needs reliable infrastructure to connect supply chains and efficiently move goods, services and people from one place to other and across borders.

ABB offers complete and integrated solutions to ensure health & comfort, keep life cycle and maintenance costs under control, lower the environmental footprint, and integrate operations.

Why choosing ABB Building Solutions for Infrastructure?

Performance & Benefits

By closely monitoring energy consumption, airports can identify optimal operational patterns to drive significant savings.

Performance & Benefits

Digital systems enable self-service options, real-time data-sharing and advanced security features for improving travel experience.

Performance & Benefits
Cost of Ownership

Reliable and connected equipment ensure failure avoidance, uninterrupted operation and keep maintenance costs under control.

Performance & Benefits

Providing ideal indoor environmental conditions not only increases worker productivity, but also increase the value of passenger journey.

Performance & Benefits

Being ready to scale-up operations based on increased demand is made possible with a flexible buildings approach.

Performance & Benefits

Renewables, CO2 compensation, low/no-emission vehicles and environmental programs including chemical waste, water, and energy management.

Performance & Benefits

Highly secure IT infrastructure, on which critical systems as HVAC, power systems, passenger processing and continuous CCTV monitoring are hosted.

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