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Imagine the very best in comfort, security, design and energy efficiency for tomorrow's smart home, today. ABB AbilityTM can bring this to any residential building more easily than ever. All the functions that can be controlled such as blinds, lighting, heating, air-conditioning or door communication are designed to make life simpler and smarter. Controlling the heart of the home can be done at the touch of a button remotely or from the comfort of your armchair. 


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Every Smart Home is unique and so are you. We offer you a diversity of different solutions and systems for your requirements. This brochure provides you with an overview of possibilities to make your home smarter.

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Smarter Home stories

Smart Home solutions - made for you

Smarter Home solutions can impact your day-to-day in a positive way, and make your life safer and easier. Therefore we offer solutions that match perfectly to your home and your requirements.

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Matter and Thread at ABB

ABB becomes a leader in Matter and Thread- the new smart home connectivity standard and wireless protocol, backed by all major technology players, thanks to the acquisition of Eve Systems.
Eve devices will now be supported by ABB’s global innovation and value chain platform, ensuring high levels of availability, quality, lifetime and product lifecycle support.

Our combined technology offering will make management of energy, security, and comfort in existing homes easier and more accessible.

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Why ABB?

We believe in a tomorrow where we can do more with less. We can power the world, sustainably. With our technology, tomorrow is here. We produce products that are smarter, safer and more reliable, for everyone.

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