General Administration

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At ABB, the employees in General Administration are our face to the world, handling internal and external inquiries in all areas of the company.

General administration roles come in a variety of shapes and forms and can be found in all teams, projects, and business areas across ABB. They tackle a number of challenging tasks as coordinators, personal assistants, secretaries, or working in clerical functions.

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Why ABB for General Administration?

ABB is present in more than a 100 countries, employing about 147,000 people, giving you the opportunity to contribute your skills to complex tasks in an international environment. Working with experts on a daily basis is the prefect ground to grow your specialist skills and take your career to the next level.

General administration roles are flexible and can offer different opportunities depending on the function they serve.

Our service centers provide background support to various functions in the business, for example, in Human Resources, Finance, and Supply Chain Management. Departmental and personal assistants are well respected members of a team and have challenging assignments managing day-to-day operations or various project activities. You could be coordinating resources, doing research, writing reports, preparing presentations, or arranging events.

We encourage you to take ownership of processes, providing you with possibilities for constant improvement. Collaboration is crucial to achieve our goals and administrators play an essential role in keeping colleagues up-to-date by sharing information.

In all areas of the business we rely on your professionalism, knowledge, and creativity to build an even better ABB.


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Career paths and development

General administration specialized in a function

At the entry level you provide administration support to the specific function by executing complex administration tasks, doing research, reporting, and organizing.

As you build your knowledge in the function, you have the opportunity to move into specialist administration or administration management roles to provide leadership and organize areas of responsibility for junior colleagues.


Departmental Administration/ Personal Assistant

You are the first point of contact for internal and external customers. You are an expert contributor who suggests and develops new solutions to emerging challenges and identifies areas of improvement for your department.

You pioneer new internal processes and tools used by ABB and lead the related roll-out projects in your department or region.

Using your language skills on a daily basis in an international environment, you help facilitating effective communication between different stakeholders.


Professional qualifications

We depend on your growth and development because the more you make of your talent, the better we do as a company. So, in addition to the personalized development plans that we agree on with all our employees, we also support you if you wish to obtain a professional qualification.

As long as there is a clear business need, we help you prepare for external qualifications.


Alternative career possibilities

Career flexibility is a key ABB principle. We always try to support you when your interests and priorities change, helping you move between countries, businesses, business lines and functions. It is one of the main advantages of working for a truly global business with a very broad portfolio of products and services.

Administration roles are varied and therefore provide a great opportunity to move into a specialized function or administration management roles.


What we look for

General Administration profile

To be successful in General Administration you will possess a variety of skills:

Excellent communication skills
We look for people who can efficiently exchange information with others. Listening and understanding different perspectives is essential to build a positive and broad network of relationships with important contacts.

Using own initiative
We value a proactive approach. Be creative and actively seek out new opportunities and solutions to achieve results.

Managing conflict
We encourage you to find constructive solutions while taking everyone’s viewpoint into account. Communicate your own ideas clearly and listen to others to identify and preempt possible conflicts.

Realize plans accurately and on time using good time management and organizational skills, even on tight deadlines.

Aspiring to quality
Be driven to execute tasks to a high standard at all times. Follow the quality directions given by the ABB quality management system.

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