Academic partnerships

World-class R&D fuels our future

All over the world, we work with leading universities to develop new technologies. That opens many doors for talented researchers to collaborate with us and pursue academic careers in business.

At ABB, innovation is our lifeblood: We are always looking for new ways to make our customers more competitive and minimize environmental impact.

That is why we work with the very best academic talent, not just in engineering but in a wide range of disciplines including materials science, software and more.

We invest heavily in collaborations with more than 70 universities worldwide to develop long-term disruptive technologies and short-term evolutionary innovations for our existing products and services.

Our Global R&D Lab has 9 programs focusing on automation and power, ranging from control and communication technologies to switching technologies and power electronics.

Each program devotes time and money to our university partners, and equips them with our latest products and services, to help us create the breakthrough technologies of tomorrow.

Collaboration structure

The collaborations are structured in the following ways:
  • Consortia of government, business and academic partners focused on specific large-scale projects such as MeRegio, a smart grid optimization project funded by the German government.
  • Professors who divide their time between ABB and academic institutions, directing commercial projects, guiding PhD students and shaping educational programs at our partner universities.
  • Structured university partnerships: In several countries ABB top management partners with university management to develop research and education programs with regular workshops and seminars, master’s student placements at ABB and more.
  • Industrial PhD programs: We fund a number of ABB employees pursuing PhDs in commercially relevant areas.
  • ABB Research Grant Program: We sponsor promising graduate students and senior researchers with projects focusing on industrial applications of power and automation technologies that save energy and improve people's lives.

Technology at ABB