Your start at ABB

Getting acquainted with your new workplace

ABB strives to help new employees feel at home as quickly as possible.

At ABB, we know that the first day in a new job can be a little daunting. That’s why we do our best to ensure all new employees receive a warm welcome, and get all the information they need to fit into the team and to understand how things work.

Because we recruit thousands of people every year for many different roles worldwide, the introductory process differs from place to place. But when you arrive on your first day, you can expect to be welcomed by a member of your team or an HR representative, and to have your workplace ready and waiting for you.

Depending on your position and location, you may be enrolled in a formal induction course of one or two days, or you may initially be guided by your manager or other team members. You will be introduced to your manager and colleagues, as well as receive information about ABB’s culture, business ethics, and health and safety policy.

Your targets will be set within the few first weeks of taking up your new position and you will also be given information about the company strategy and the role you have to play in achieving that strategy, while contributing to our global vision of power and productivity for a better world.