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Cement manufacturing operations management

Reduce cost, better manage the capacity of your assets

Asset intensive industry organizations require comprehensive solutions for workforce and operations management in order to enhance efficiency, productivity and the safety of their operations. From forecasting and planning, scheduling and optimizing work assignments, to dispatching work to maintenance and field crews, work order processing, and performance measurement, all activities require a consistent, organized and integrated approach aligned with an organization’s operational processes. The goal is for field and operations personnel to perform the right job at the right time with the right resources, whether a planned or an unplanned event.

As a leading electrification and automation supplier with extensive and deep domain knowledge in the cement industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide your business with tailored solutions and consultancy to benefit from access to integrated real-time and historical information across your entire operation. Our flexible software platform can support the processes and systems already in place or be used to completely revamp and improve your current processes.

With ABB’s operations management solutions, organizations will realize benefits including:

  • Reducing the time and costs associated with routine operation and maintenance activities
  • Improving customer service and responsiveness to, and resolution of emergency situations
  • Reducing the risk of employee injuries
  • Optimizing the access and dissemination of critical field information throughout the organization to make more informed decisions
  • Providing electronic dispatch to mobile devices in the field and updates to scheduled tasks based on real-time intelligence
  • Automatically allocating time, labor and material costs to jobs performed for timely reporting and audit transparency


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