ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer for energy efficiency at CRH Ozarow cement plant

CRH harnesses the power of ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer to rationalize energy use in kiln, cooler and calciner when burning alternative fuels to help maximize output, minimize fuel consumption and use energy effectively

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In its endeavor to reduce energy use, CRH plc group implemented the ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer solution to address their requirements for responsible operations across various parts of the process. The primary goal of this automation project was to create an efficient operating environment at the Ozarow plant with regard to energy demand while using alternative fuels.

Key facts





Customer need: 

Meeting its commitment and organizational goal to reduce waste and improve resource use

ABB solution:
Customer benefits:

Finding best operating conditions to maximize output, minimize fuel consumption and use energy effectively for diverse processes which were optimized


A cement plant renowned for the quality of its output over several decades

The Ozarow plant has been part of the successful CRH plc group since 1995. The plant, however, has had a successful track record and reputation for producing quality materials for the building industry since 1978.

CRH plc group operates in 35 countries and employs approximately 80,000 people. CRH has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, and so continually seeks ways to reduce waste and improve resource use. 

With its commitment to increasingly optimized resource consumption, CRH has worked with ABB on installing the ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer at five plants across Western Europe prior to appointing ABB to install the solution at the Ozarow plant.
A plant recognized for its quality and owned by a group committed to energy resource optimization

Rationalizing demand in energy-intensive processes

At Ozarow, ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer was installed on the kiln, cooler and calciner. The kiln is 99m long and has a diameter of 5.75m, making it one of the largest cement kilns in Europe. The plant is already using a range of alternative fuels, and one of the motivations for installing ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer was to increase their use.

A proven solution for transforming energy use through digitalization

ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer ensures that the kiln, cooler, calciner and mills are operated under optimum conditions according to the customer’s goals. By expertly applying Model Predictive Control (MPC), the solution is able to stabilize and then optimize the process which helps plant management to reach profitability and sustainability goals.

ABB Ability™ Expert Optimizer finds the best operating conditions to maximize output, minimize fuel consumption and use energy effectively for each part of the process which it is optimizing.

The solution was designed and delivered through close coordination between ABB Switzerland and ABB Poland.
Andrew Wilson, Sales Manager, CPM Minerals

“One of the great things about ABB’s global reach is being able to work with local ABB offices which brings real added value for the customer.”

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