ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for cement

Advanced digital service for proactive asset management integrates and analyses condition data from all types of equipment used in cement plants to reduce maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency

ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance service based on the digital application ABB Ability™ Asset Vista Condition Monitoring for cement offers cement plant operators user-friendly real-time dashboards and reports with a complete overview of their production assets’ condition. ABB's expert recommendations enable faster repairs and the elimination of unnecessary maintenance that might expose personnel to safety risks.

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By pulling together previously disparate condition data from various assets, such as valves, switches, sensors, motors, switchgear, gearboxes and conveyors to collectively analyze and compare all data, ABB is able to provide forewarning of a potential fault (i.e., lubrication failure) with a proposed solution - all with enough time to address it before production is affected. A critical analysis of each asset, equipment or component takes into account failure modes, available control system data, as well as information from pre-installed expert condition monitoring systems and datasheets.

There are four stages to implementing a thorough predictive maintenance strategy using this ABB service. During an on-site assessment, ABB’s experts, together with site maintenance specialists, evaluate the precise maintenance needs. A long-term solution is then designed based on business goals and technologies available. In the next stage ABB’s team deploys the online condition monitoring application. Finally, ABB remotely measures and optimizes maintenance performance and presents results in periodic reports. Under a service agreement ABB ensures the application is always up-to-date so that customer operations, maintenance and automation departments share the same knowledge and can focus on their daily work.


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