Training for ABB cement equipment and solutions

Once you have invested in an ABB cement equipment and solutions, we do everything to help you protect your investment – with an extensive training program to continuously improve staff expertise

Training is key to ensure that operators, engineers and managers are equipped with the correct skills and knowledge to improve productivity at your site. Once you have hired good employees, you have to keep them – by making sure that their skills and job satisfaction continue to grow.

ABB has long since recognized the importance of training. Over the years we have trained more than 160,000 people at our 120 ABB University learning centers worldwide. There, they receive instruction in ABB products and technologies, business processes and in management competencies. We offer a comprehensive program of instructor-led and web-based courses, workshops and seminars to improve skillsets, knowledge, efficiency and site safety.


  • Equips employees with the right skills and knowledge to improve efficiency and increase productivity
  • Helps staff to keep pace with a changing business environment
  • Improves knowledge transfer through skilled workforce
  • Strengthens teamwork, increases employee satisfaction

Reasons to attend training

  • Are you upgrading the hardware, software, or operator console in your current ABB system?
  • Are you new to an ABB equipment and control system or replacing an existing one?
  • Have you recently hired new employees or have existing employees changing roles?

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