Cement production and downtime management - PIMS, MES for cement processing plants

Analyze your production and performance KPIs. Identify how downtime is affecting your production targets, and get decision support on what actions to take for improving the performance.

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Cement Production Information Management System (PIMS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

With the ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager production and downtime management (PIMS and MES) system functions you gain very important insight on the downtime information of your process and can use it to generate advanced KPI calculations, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Knowledge Manager PIMS & MES functions support easy identification of failing equipment.

With Pareto analysis you can determine the most costly weak points in your production process. Its ability to separate low production periods from production stops enables you to focus maintenance analyses on further reducing production costs.

Reliable statistical information about the causes of downtime provide the basis for corrective action. This information is essential for justification of investments like capital expenditure or personnel training.

ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager

Provides you with analytical insight to identify best practices and improve overall operation

Solutions that empower continuous improvement in cement

Production and performance analysis

Actual vs. planned
Productive time
Costs, efficiencies

Downtime management

Maintenance KPIs: OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), availability, MTBF, efficiencies
Root cause analysis
Tracking low production periods and stops

Reliability analysis

Downtime vs frequency of occurrences
Equipment reliability vs runtime
Early notification of pattern changes
Average failure percentage

ABB Ability™ Knowledge Manager's platform and connectivity

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