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Excelle. For female trainees

Tomorrow’s working world begins with you.

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Your talent deserves opportunity. Excelle is for female trainees looking to grow their professional profile and skill set.

Our special coaching and support courses are exclusively open to female trainee candidates, offering insight and advice for taking control of your career.

Together, we are working for a future where every individual enjoys the success they deserve. The future begins with you.

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Why Excelle? Get inspired by the video and statements below of our ambassadors!

Tanja Vainio, Country Managing Director, ABB Czech Republic and ABB Slovakia

“To make the change and move the needle in gender diversity, we need to take action, not only talk about it. I am extremely proud that ABB wants to lead by example and I am sure that the investment will have a very high return for ABB.”

Elodie Davillerd, Quality Wins Implementation, ABB France

“It is undeniable that the fight for parity and equality is not won yet. This is why it is so important to see that ABB has become aware of this issue and is striving to make itself attractive to young female graduates, which will be the managers of tomorrow.”

Franziska Bosshard, System Engineer, former Explorer Trainee, ABB Switzerland

“I really like that Excelle takes place within a regular trainee program, so young women are fostered in a holistic way and not just in a “girls club”. I already loved the openness of the existing trainee program, but with this little extra it has become a unique opportunity for talented young women who are interested in both technology and leadership.”

Lucie Viková, Service Team Leader, ABB Czech Republic

“ABB gives women the opportunity to be managers, leaders, technical or sales specialists and appreciates the effort, knowledge and courage of all women who want to work in the industrial business. To be globally successful, I think it is very important to have teams where men and women work together.”

Lucile Tixier, Quality Wins project leader, ABB France

“We are responsible for managing the individual talents of all employees. For this reason, I like the module “career counseling and coaching” with the mentoring party, in order to support their career strategy within ABB. The promotion of young female talents is especially important in order to keep them in the company.”

Francesca Meyer, Explorer Trainee, currently working as R&D Engineer, ABB Switzerland

“By changing the status quo in the working environment, one also influences society as a whole. In the future, female talents should no longer be dissipated, because young women do not see a career perspective in a certain job field. To get there, we need role models in leading positions that inspire the current and the future generations. Excelle can speed up this transition and give real visibility to young female talents – which they deserve.”

Silvia Tomassetti, Global BU M&S Analytics, Processes and Tools Manager, former intern at ABB Group, ABB Italy

“The third module includes the most challenging topics for women in a working environment; it is exciting to see that there will be attention and mentoring in areas like contract negotiations or professional networking. Excelle is of paramount importance to attract future leaders, by showing how ABB values the talent of every individual since the first steps in the career path.”

Elena Shubik, PR & Internal Communication, ABB Czech Republic

„What excites me the most about Excelle is the idea itself. I have never worked in a company that would have such an elaborated program for potential female leaders. Diversity is extremely important for creative decision-making, approaches toward problem solving and a good working environment. The female attitude is significantly different therefore it is very valuable when it comes to complex issues on all levels.”

How to apply?

Excelle is a training module along a local trainee program offered for female trainees in Europe. If you are selected for one of the ABB Graduate Trainee Programs available in one of our European countries, you will have the possibility to be invited to join Excelle.
Graduate Trainee Programs applications may open in different times of the year depending on the location. Keep an eye open and search for opportunities using the quick-search tool.

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