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Head of Lean Administration
“The trainee program is a perfect start to a career.”

As a child, what career did you aspire to?

I actually wanted to be a scholar, until I realized that isn’t a job. As a boy, I was already fascinated by technology, and took appliances like old televisions apart to see how they’re made.

What brought you to ABB?

During university, I interned at a consulting company. However, I realized that I didn’t have enough experience to fulfill a consultant role to my personal satisfaction. For that reason, I wanted to do something technical instead. I also didn’t want to decide on a position yet, I wanted to find what suited me best. The ABB trainee program offered the perfect opportunity.

Your work at ABB?

I currently work in the area of Lean Administration. We are responsible for Operational Excellence in the office area and analyze and optimize administrative processes, with the goal of increasing work efficiency. In the process, it’s important to find and use the appropriate tools. Although I don’t have to completely understand the technical side of our products, it remains indispensable to control the whole chain from distribution to engineering and processing to production. This holistic expertise can be applied to many products.

What aspect of ABB do you like the most?

The flexible working hours are a big plus. In addition, there are many advanced training opportunities, with internal and external options. The atmosphere at ABB is surprisingly relaxed for a company of our size.

What do you recommend to students when it comes to a career start?

An internship or trainee program is a perfect start to a career. I benefitted from the program on both a personal and technical level and was even able to learn to independently lead large projects.

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