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The values of ABB Switzerland

Values – the foundation for our action.

We use values to write our code of conduct and also to determine how to treat customers, partners and other stakeholders within the company. The seven values of ABB Switzerland apply to all of us as binding guidelines for action and for our daily work.

We speak directly and openly with each other and mean what we say. People at ABB Switzerland are honest with each other. They actively listen and ask questions. They are serious about examining and analyzing opinions that differ from their own. They do not insult others. They take time and abide by agreements.

I tackle whatever task I am given. At ABB Switzerland, the employees hold the future in their hands. They take the initiative, put ideas into practice, and stir up enthusiasm in others for things that are important to them.

Every individual is important and capable of bearing responsibility. At ABB Switzerland, every individual recognizes the importance of their work for the success of the company. Everyone assumes business responsibility. The managers at ABB Switzerland delegate authority and responsibility as well as helping and fostering others.

Our customers’ success is success for all of us. Having enthusiastic customers is what counts for ABB Switzerland. As a partner ABB Switzerland recognizes customer needs early on and takes effective action. ABB Switzerland convinces its customers with innovation.

We are challenged by the seemingly impossible. ABB Switzerland develops ideas, blazes new trails and is open to change. It does not give up even when faced with obstacles that seem insurmountable.

First class
Every individual should be tops in the job he or she does. ABB Switzerland wants employees who are among the best at the job they perform, employees who are open and curious and who utilize every opportunity they have to learn.

Willing to learn
We learn from each other by exchanging knowledge and experience. At ABB Switzerland the employees share their knowledge and skills. They proudly learn from the experience of others and are happy to pass on their own experiences. Together, everyone is stronger.