Business ethics

ABB expects its employees to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and integrity. We are convinced that ethical and economic values are interdependent and therefore call on all employees to act in accordance with the standards set by national and international authorities. 

Our business ethics and integrity ensure our credibility. All ABB companies and employees have to conform to the laws and regulations in force in their countries and perform their obligations reliably. They must be mindful of honesty and fairness in their work and demand the same from their business associates. 

ABB adheres responsibly to corporate and ethical principles on the basis of which it conducts business and shapes relations with its business partners worldwide.
The ABB Group is committed to the principles in the Rules of Conduct of the International Chamber of Commerce in the 1999 version and to the OECD Convention of 1997. 

ABB expects all its employees to abide by the standards for ethical conduct and integrity: 

  • Comply strictly with the ABB guiding principles that determine and implement our business ethics and that have zero tolerance for even the tiniest deviations.
  • Make sure that all business transactions are posted in the accounts completely and properly in accordance with our accounting regulations.
  • Constantly sensitize employees on issues of business ethics and assist them by providing advice at the right time.
  • Regularly monitor correct ethical conduct and ensure that employees or other individuals have simple, effective means of reporting violations of the pertinent standards.

(from the ABB document “Mission and Values”)



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