Environmental Policy ABB Switzerland

Continuous improvement

ABB Switzerland is committed to ensuring an environmentally sound and energy efficient basis for its business practices and pledges to continue improving its efforts in this regard. Relevant information, resources, and structures are available. In addition to economic, environmental and energy aspects, social considerations are also viewed as an additional dimension of sustainable corporate management. These make up the key factors for continuous development. These measures are reviewed regularly for effectiveness.

Compliance with legal requirements

Legal requirements are complied with, along with other requirements recognized by ABB Switzerland.

Environmentally sound processes

Avoidable emissions are reduced through the implementation of strategic and operational environmental and energy goals. ABB Switzerland dedicates resources that allow it to take state of the art measures that are consistent with its business goals. The effectiveness of these measures is reviewed on a regular basis. All residual risks are limited through a process of emergency preparedness.

Environmentally sound and resource efficient processes and products

The products, systems, and services produced and marketed by ABB Switzerland should be environmentally sound and resource efficient throughout their service life and beyond. The environmental and energy-related aspects of new activities, products, and processes are already included as part of the development and construction process. The customers of ABB Switzerland are kept informed of all relevant developments.

Raising awareness among employees

ABB Switzerland ensures that all employees are provided with the required instructions and are made aware of the safety and health aspects so that they can meet their ecological responsibilities.

Responsibility of suppliers

ABB Switzerland prefers suppliers that follow ecological principles in their practices and it partners with them to help them bring about improvements in the area of environmental protection and energy efficiency. Selection and evaluation processes ensure that key suppliers follow the principles of the environmental policy of ABB Switzerland.

Contact with government agencies and interested groups

ABB Switzerland cooperates openly and actively with government agencies. A relationship of open communication and trust is maintained with all interested groups.

Management resolution of ABB Switzerland as of 2015-01-01



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