Personnel Policy Summary ABB Switzerland

Selection and integration

The selection, recruitment, and integration of new employees is a critical success factor for ABB Switzerland. The following competence-based behaviors are of primary importance: results orientation, teamwork and collaboration, innovation and continuous improvement, an external focus and acting responsibly. ABB Switzerland also strives every day to maintain a transparent and fair management culture.

Continuous learning

Employees with solid training and continuous education are critical for success: ABB Switzerland continually provides training to a sufficient number of apprentices to meet long-term needs, provides internship opportunities for students and offers employees the chance to sharpen their performance, competencies, and skills. Most important is the willingness to expand one’s experience base by taking on new challenges- Once acquired, training goes hand in hand with current economic and social developments and ensures a high level of employability in the future.

Balance and health

In today's work environment, the boundaries between work and free time are becoming increasingly blurred. For that reason ABB Switzerland supports agile working models which enable a high level of flexibility in the working organization while taking into account organizational requirements. It is also important for ABB Switzerland that employees have tasks that are appropriate to their skills and interests during their development and are therefore seen as a positive challenge. At the same time, all employees are responsible for maintaining a balance between work and personal life, including with family and society. In particular, the physical and spiritual well-being of employees, and proper nutrition, are a fundamental concern of ABB Switzerland. ABB Switzerland therefore supports its employees in meeting their responsibilities for their own overall well-being. ABB Switzerland also actively promotes safety and ergonomics in the workplace.


ABB Switzerland makes sure that all employees have exactly the same opportunities regardless of their gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or age. A diverse workforce is one of the key strengths that determine success in an ever more global market and in furthering the efforts of ABB Switzerland towards constant innovation. ABB Switzerland therefore promotes the hiring and integration of employees from all over the world, and a relationship of mutual understanding.

Management resolution of ABB Switzerland as of 2015-01-01



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