Quality Policy ABB Switzerland

Continuous quality improvement

ABB Switzerland is committed to a process-oriented procedure that improves its performance on a continuous basis. Management provides the resources and structures. The quality management system is an integral component of the management system as a whole and is regularly inspected within this context.

Inclusion of customers

The process is driven by the quality requirements of customers, and not just our own assumptions. The goal is the quality and timely delivery of products, systems, and services that meet, and even exceed, the expectations of customers ABB Switzerland keeps its customers informed concerning quality improvements in processes, products, and services. The expectations and requirements of customers are included in the improvement of processes and products.

Improvement and compliance with processes

In the awareness that each service rendered is the result of a process, ABB Switzerland makes every effort to standardize and master these processes and to guarantee a consistently high level of quality. Here the focus is on processes that have a direct influence on critical success factors. The processes are subject to systemic and comprehensive direction, review, and improvement. The products, systems, and services developed and marketed by ABB Switzerland are produced and inspected according to defined processes.

Raising awareness among employees

The employees of ABB Switzerland are empowered to recognize and understand customer expectations, to analyze customer perceptions, and to improve customer satisfaction. They are empowered and encouraged to make continuous improvements to operational performance at every step of the value chain, from supplier to customer. Employees are accordingly provided with the specific means through continuous eduction and professional development to provide added value for their customers and the company through their commitment and competence. Social responsibility and ethical standards of conduct are anchored in all business practices. Products, operations, and services are therefore always being improved from the standpoint of environmental and protection and occupational safety.

Responsibility of suppliers

Suppliers that embody the principles of reliable partners and deliver products and services that are consistent with the quality requirements of ABB Switzerland are preferred. ABB Switzerland supports the efforts of its suppliers in the area of quality improvement and works together with them in optimizing overall processes. Appropriate formal procedures of selection and evaluation ensure that key suppliers support this quality policy.

Management resolution of ABB Switzerland as of 2015-01-01



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