Safety and Security Policy ABB Switzerland

Safety and continuous improvement

For ABB Switzerland, safety refers to the occupational safety and health of employees and safety at company sites, including their buildings and facilities. ABB Switzerland is concerned with maintaining a safe working environment and encourages personal responsibility of employees. The safety and occupational health management system is an integral component of the management system as a whole and is regularly inspected and continuously improved within this context. Enhanced procedures for minimizing risk contribute to a reduction in accidents, occupational illnesses, and health impairments over time.

Legal compliance

Legal requirements and the requirements recognized by ABB Switzerland are reviewed and observed on a continuous basis.

Limiting risks and protection of property

ABB Switzerland protects data and knowledge (incl. intellectual property) as well as company and production facilities from unauthorized access and system-specific losses. Only authorized personnel have access to buildings and can access internal information. To prevent damage, risks are analyzed and suitable measures are taken. The effectiveness of these measures is reviewed on a regular basis. All residual risks are limited through a process of emergency preparedness. All areas, both outside and inside of buildings, are kept orderly and clean.

Safety of products and systems

ABB Switzerland only brings products and systems to market that comply with applicable safety regulations, standards, and guidelines. Customers of ABB Switzerland are informed of safety aspects of products and systems in connection with their operation, upkeep, and disposal.

Raising awareness among employees

ABB Switzerland ensures that all employees are provided with the necessary instructions and are made aware of safety and health concerns so that they can meet their responsibilities in their work and leisure time.

Responsibility of suppliers

ABB Switzerland prefers suppliers that place appropriate value on occupational health and safety matters and deliver products and systems that are consistent with the safety requirements of ABB Switzerland. Contractual partners working at ABB Switzerland sites must be aware of and adhere to ABB standards. Selection and evaluation procedures ensure that key suppliers apply these principles.

 Management resolution of ABB Switzerland as of 2015-01-01



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