Authorized value provider

Mikro Kontrol d.o.o.

Contact information

Address: Vase Pelagica 30
11000 Beograd
Phone: +381 11 3699080

List of authorized area

Product name Channel type
Drives - ACS550-01 - Wall-mounted drive System Integrator

Drives - ACS550-02 - Free-standing drive System Integrator

Drives - ACS880-01 - Wall-mounted single drive System Integrator

Drives - ACS880-07 - Cabinet-built single drive System Integrator

Additional information

Mikro Kontrol founded in 1996 in Belgrade, Serbia. Team of 40 electrical engineers is specialized in industrial automation, having a great experience working with various equipment and in various industries. Mikro Kontrol is one of the top 100 global system integrator giants with over 650 projects realized within 22 years. 2018 has established its German subsidiary in 2018.
Mikro Kontrol offer turnkey solutions in industrial automation which mean:
- Designing of detailed technical documentation
- MCC's and control cabinets assembling and testing
- Development of PLC, HMI, SCADA, DCS software applications
- On site installation and commission
- Training users in operating and maintenance of equipment and devices installed.