Consumer chemicals manufacturing solutions

ABB products and services for manufacturers of soaps, detergents, household chemicals, perfumes and flavors.

Due to the implications for public health, specialty chemicals such as those used for household chemical products, perfumes and flavors are now among the most regulated materials in industry. Modern laws and regulation place a special responsibility on manufacturers of the products which are to be consumed to ensure they are safe and fit for the purpose. New types of regulation, such as REACH and NICNAS have demonstrated just how much data is required for the successful business in this challenging environment.

ABB supports manufacturers in the consumer chemicals sector the solutions and services ensuring their product compliance with specifications and regulatory limits, anywhere in the world, and minimizing environmental impact.

Working with our customers over the years, we have gained a thorough understanding of your requirements, which, combined with our expertise in new technology led us to develop the leading automation system in the chemical industry, going far beyond the features offered by other PLCs or DCSs. ABB offers full project execution with: pre-engineering, soft- and hardware engineering, programming, customizing, installation, commissioning, project management and other services to maximize the useable life of your control system. Advanced process control from process experts can be applied either as part of a new system installation or later once production has been established and constraints recognized in the existing assets.

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