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ABB Sifang Power System Co., Ltd

ABB Sifang Power System is the joint venture of ABB and Sifang Automation Co. Ltd established in 2011. The company locates at Tianzhu airport industrial zone of Beijing Shunyi district. It focuses on delivering high-voltage direct current (HVDC) solutions including the manufacture of converter valves and control and protection systems.

ABB is proud to be the pioneer in HVDC technology. It has been around 60 years since ABB commissioned the world’s first commercial HVDC link from the Swedish mainland to the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Ever since, ABB has developed and implemented several breakthrough technologies and successfully put more than 100 projects in commercial operation all over the world.

ABB has been very successful so far in China. The reliability figures of projects in China using ABB technology are undisputedly the best in the world. China market continues to be very strong and strategically important for ABB.

ABB and Sifang relationship dates back to year 2000. It started with the successful cooperation in the Three Gorges HVDC projects and further strengthened during Lingbao II HVDC project. ABB Sifang Power Systems Co Ltd is the result of this strategic partnership. In line with ABB’s strategy and ambition to produce in China for China, the company is a major step to localize the HVDC business in China and to serve the Chinese customers even better in future with a strong local presence.

Product Portfolio:System design, converter valves, Control and protection systems, DC yard equipment 

Contact us

Company President: Magnus Callavik 
Communications Contact: Tong Li

Jia 3 Anxiang Avenue, District B Tianzhu Airport Industrial Area, Shunyi District, Beijing 101300, P. R. China

Tel: +86 10 8047 5588
Fax: +86 10 8047 5677