Industry Forum

A total of five industry forums will be held at the same time, with “Grid digitalization and energy interconnection ", “Factory of the future", “Digitalizing industry – from automated to autonomous ” “Ability to lead, engage and collaborate on the future electrification of transport" and "The Belt and Road Initiative boosts win-win cooperation" as its theme respectively. Industry experts, scholars and ABB business leaders will have in-depth discussion around these topics.

Grid digitalization and energy interconnection
日期 Nov.14 时间 10:30-12:00 位置 404, 4F, Hall C

Key Messages: Power grids are witnessing unprecedented change. Digitalization and energy interconnection are playing key roles in this revolution. Power grids are becoming stronger, smarter and greener. Digitalization and energy interconnection can effectively enhance the productivity of grid assets, reduce energy consumption and cost, integrate more renewable energy, and bring innovation to business models.

Factory of the future
日期 Nov.14 时间 10:30-12:00 位置 Sea View Hall, 4F, Hall C

Key Messages:Smart Factory is a key lever to achieve China industrial transformation and upgrading, shift from a large manufacturing nation to a powerful manufacturing nation. ABB will share its experience in supporting enterprise users to tackle with challenges, including improving productivity and quality, achieving flexible production and product individualization, reducing time to market, labor shortage, cost increase and fast-changing market demand. ABB will also invite experts to share their experience and insights into factory automation, smart factory and digital transformation.

Digitalizing industry – from automated towards autonomous
日期 Nov.14 时间 10:30-12:00 位置 401, 4F, Hall C

Key Messages: Industrial automation today focuses on addressing the critical needs of the industry - boosting productivity, enhancing efficiency and making operations safer and sustainable. However, amongst many other advances in automation, we are seeing the gaining importance of autonomous operations in the marine segment, with the mining segment trying to sprint its way to adopting this technology. Self-fueling or self-charging vehicles, self-healing machines and other relevant technologies are not a distant future, they are just around the corner. ABB along with key stakeholders from industry, will discuss some of the key aspects, changes and trends that will sweep the industrial world - Is there good possibility that the industrial sector can benefit from emerging technologies? What will these new technologies be? How will business models change in the industrial world?

Lead future electrification of transport
日期 Nov.14 时间 10:30-12:00 位置 Room 306, 3F, Hall C

Key Messages:  ABB is well on its way to running the world without consuming the earth. No single solution can achieve the ambitious objective of zero emission transport. To make true change happen, as a global technology leader, ABB provides a full range of ABB AbilityTM digital solutions from grid connection of renewable energy, large capacity energy storage, intelligent power distribution to fast charging, aiming at building a future-oriented and sustainable transportation system and leading changes in global future mobility.  

The Belt and Road Initiative boosts win-win cooperation
日期 Nov.14 时间 10:30-12:00 位置 Room 402, 4F, Hall C

Key Messages: The Belt and Road Initiative has injected new momentum for China and the global economy, and opened up new space and opportunities for collaboration. ABB is among the first group of multinational enterprises to support Chinese companies to go overseas. Leveraging its leading technology and global footprint, ABB is committed to becoming a partner of choice for Chinese companies to expand business in the global market.

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