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ABB technologies for energy efficiency

A sampling of some of the many ABB innovations that are helping the world use energy more efficiently.

Getting the balance right

When it comes to product development, ABB uses a seven-step process that starts by defining the project scope and ends by investigating whether a product delivered the expected benefits to customers and to ABB. The goal is to improve the return on investment for customers by reducing the total cost of ownership, which is the complete cost from purchase to disposal, including environmental impact.


Smart home and intelligent building controls for lighting, sun protection, heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as the other building engineering systems that offer double digit percentage energy savings.

Azipod propulsion

Azipod is an electric marine propulsion unit which can increase energy efficiency by 10-15 percent compared to conventional propulsion systems.

Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)

FACTS technologies allow more power to reach consumers with a minimum impact on the environment and at lower investment costs compared to building new transmission lines or power generation facilities.

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)

HVDC and HVDC Light are highly efficient alternatives for transmitting bulk power and for special purpose applications. HVDC technology transmits electric power over long distances by overhead transmission lines or submarine cables.

Motor driven systems

A broad range of high efficiency IEC and NEMA motors and variable speed drive solutions, designed to deliver reliable operation and energy efficiency in many industries and applications.

Network management

ABB is helping to meet growing demand for electricity by raising the efficiency of electricity systems and helping to incorporate renewable energy into the grid.

Traction converters

ABB is a world leading supplier of innovative technologies for train manufacturers and railway operators. We help to keep the world moving with new sustainable approaches that enable customers to use energy effectively, creating a low carbon railway industry that operates with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Variable speed drives

We offer a wide range of low and medium voltage drives that improve the energy efficiency of motor driven systems in a wide variety of industries and applications. In addition to energy savings, ABB drives can connect to control systems to integrate energy efficiency into automation processes.