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Where ABB solutions can be found?

ABB has a wide range of products and services based on pioneering innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity. Our technologies are used along the entire energy value chain from the extraction of resources, the liquefication of natural gas or refinement of petroleum products, to their transformation into electricity and their efficient use in industry, transportation and buildings.

ABB can help industrial and utility customers improve energy efficiency by providing specialists to audit energy use and identify areas for improvement, providing equipment, systems and solutions to use energy more efficiently.
Industry and utilities

Through improvements in energy efficiency, global fossil fuel consumption for power generation could be reduced by up to 30 percent. Similar potential can be found - through technologies already available - in industry, which accounts for around one third of the world’s energy demand.


The transport sector represents 23 percent of overall global carbon emissions generated by fossil fuel combustion and is expected to grow by approximately 40 percent between 2007 and 2030. ABB technology can help lower energy losses and reduce carbon emissions in transportation on both land and sea.

Buildings and infrastructure

Commercial and residential buildings account for about 40 percent of global end-user energy demand, mainly for heating, cooling and powering electric appliances. ABB's automation technologies for buildings have the potential to achieve energy savings of up to 60 percent.