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Why be energy efficient?

The world is facing a serious energy challenge; how to provide reliable and affordable supplies in the face of fast-growing demand and rising concerns for the environment.

Energy efficiency - the low-hanging fruit

Despite huge investments in renewables, many millions of tons of fossil fuels are burned each year to generate electricity. Through inefficiencies, from the gathering of these energy sources to their eventual consumption, needless amounts of carbon dioxide are contributing to global warming. 

Faced with the urgency of climate change, our best hope of significantly reducing emissions is to use energy more efficiently. Estimates suggest energy efficiency improvements could deliver half the cuts in emissions needed to slow global warming over the next 25 years, but by using energy more efficiently these precious resources will last longer and will also save money.

Variations in energy efficiency across the world give a sense of what can be achieved with todays technologies. The most efficient economies generate almost 16 times more GDP with the same amount of energy than the least efficient.