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ABB at China International Industry Fair 2015

Collaboration.Simplification.Integrated Solutions.

November 3-7, Shanghai

Booth A109, 4.1H, National Exhibition and Convention Center

Get ready to discover a broad array of integrated automation solutions, examine the latest technology advances, and learn from industry leading experts.ABB is proud to offer a diverse mix of robots, software and application solutions. This year join us at CIIF for "Collaboration, Simplification, Integrated Solutions"! And that is exactly what you can expect to see in our booth; products and solutions that address real-world problems and a leading team of experts to help solve them.


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ABB introduced the new IRB 5350 robot and several leading robotic stations in the first industrial robot show at the 2012 CIIF. The company also introduced the development of its high-efficient motors in China and their prospects as part of the exhibition.

The IRB 1520ID is a robot for high-precision arc welding that has hollow arms. It can work continuously and saves 50% on maintenance costs. Compared with similar products, the IRB 1520ID has the lowest unit welding cost.

ABB introduced the latest palletizing package products at the 2011 CIIF, once again demonstrating its leadership in robotics applications and its localization achievement.

The palletizing robot IRB 460 displayed at 2013 CIIF is the latest model developed by the ABB’s local R&D team in China. The IRB 460 is 15% faster at palletizing than its counterparts, with a coverage length of 2.4m. The IRB 460 is especially adept at high-speed palletizing at the end of the production line in a narrow space.

Shanghai, November 9, 2010 – ABB showcased a strong product lineup at the 2010 CIIF in Shanghai. Highlighting the tradeshow, the company has unveiled its new version of the FlexPainter IRB 5500 painting robot.

The automated workstation used for lithium battery sorting systems employs IRB120 robots developed by ABB in China. The IRB 120 only weighs 25 kg, with a picking cycle of 0.58 seconds for each kilogram of material.

ABB launched the Dragon IRB 120, the world’s smallest ever as well as the fastest six-axis industrial robot, at the 2009 CIIF. The release of the Dragon IRB 120 fills in the domestic gap in robotic R&D and promotes ABB’s robotic business from “Chinese Manufacturing” to “Chinese Invention.”

The “Dragon” robot, with a precision of 0.01mm, finer than a strand of hair, is the most precise six-axis industrial robot in the world. The IRB 120 is smart and, at only 25kg, extremely lightweight. It IRB 120 can be installed in pretty much any location, even upside down or on the wall.

ABB has stepped on the arena of the 2008 CIIF being held at the Shanghai. Three divisions jointly showcase their cutting-edge products, systems and solutions under the theme “Power and Efficiency for a Better World”.

As early as 2007, ABB launched the high-efficiency M3BP IE2 motor in Chinese market. Since then, ABB has expanded its product line to meet the increasing domestic demand for high-efficiency motors.