Safeguarding data for Tencent’s “Cloud”

Datacenters are the core infrastructure for emerging technology industries such as “cloud computing” and “Internet of Things” (IoT). Datacenters require high levels of power reliability as digital devices are extremely intolerant to power supply interruptions or fluctuations which can result in data losses with serious consequences. A study shows that a single incident resulting in power outage at datacenters may create an economic loss of up to US$1 million (more than $11,000 per minute).

Tencent is currently one of the largest integrated Internet service providers in China. Tencent is expanding its cloud computing and R&D capabilities and already has established datacenters using environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies in Shenzhen and Shanghai. The new R&D and data storage center in Tianjin, owned by Tencent, supports sufficient datacenter resources for the northern market in China. In 2013, ABB supplied ultra-efficient 10 kilovolt (kV) dry-type transformers for this center to help it increase power supply reliability and reduce energy consumption. These efficient dry-type 10kV transformers are ideal for such applications due to their high efficiency and reliability factor. They are also capable of reducing no-load losses by up to 10 percent, compared with similar standard transformers and are more environmentally friendly. The epoxy resin cast transformers feature excellent short circuit resistance and overload support capacity, eliminate leakage risk of flammable or contaminating substances, and minimize power losses.


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