Full control of lighting, blinds, air-conditioning, audio and video systems

According to Institute for Energy Research, building technology is the largest consumer of energy after the areas of transport and power generation. Heating, cooling and lighting in residential and office buildings make up approximately 40% of the energy consumed in a building – a share that leaves a lot of scope for efficient optimization. For more than 20 years, ABB has provided i-bus® Intelligent Building Control systems to residential and non-residential buildings throughout the world, creating energy savings of up to 50% in comparison with conventional installation.

In China, ABB recently helped the Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts provide a more environmentally-friendly and comfortable experience for its customers. With ABB i-bus®, residents have full control of their environment, able to adjust or automate lighting, air conditioning as well as curtains and other elements. The i-bus® system also integrates with the door entry and audio-video systems to add another layer of convenience, comfort, and security. Finally, all these functions can be accessed via mobile devices such as an iPad, providing a seamlessly integrated user experience.

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