Improving process efficiency and product quality for pulp & paper industry

China is one of the world’s largest papermakers, but the industry is currently undergoing structural adjustments and transformation as rising costs for labor, energy, and natural resources create new pressures for the industry. As a leading supplier to the global pulping and papermaking industry, ABB has the most complete automation, instrumentation, and electric devices to help the industry use resources more efficiently, while increasing quality and competitiveness.

With the System 800xA, ABB can seamlessly integrate a number of complex sub-systems and processes in one simplified interface that offers an excellent degree of visualization. ABB’s integrated control systems can ensure maximum uptime and reduce waste, achieving operating efficiency as high as 99%--the highest in the industry. Intelligent centralized control also reduces investment in equipment, improves product quality and decreases requirements for manpower and resources like raw materials and energy. Adopting ABB’s efficient drives can further improve efficiency by significantly reducing energy consumption, thereby helping customers to reduce operating costs as well.

One of the largest manufacturers of hygiene products in China, Hengan Group, has maintained a sound partnership with ABB since 1996. ABB’s drives, process control systems, motor control systems, and power distribution systems account for 80% of all electric and automation systems used throughout its 17 papermaking machines.

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