Walking in the sea…

Offshore platforms demand high standards of stability and efficiency to maneuver and function properly on the open sea. ABB’s integrated solutions—from control to propulsion—offers outstanding performance while reducing fuel consumption and noise.

Since August 2012, ABB has provided Cosco (Nantong) Shipyard Company with integrated electricity, Azipod® CZ propulsion and automation systems. ABB’s 800xA Extended Automation platform includes vessel and power monitoring, emergency shutdown, and fire and gas control systems, as well as fully automated helideck monitoring systems and loading computers. This integrated control and monitoring platform for offshore vessels can automate and simplify a number of complex processes, bringing an added level of convenience to offshore platform operators.

In August 2013, ABB signed a deal to provide Cosco with a number of products including generators, switchboards, transformers, and frequency converters as well as the installation of 6 Azidpod® CZ units—one of the world’s most advanced and efficient propulsion systems for offshore platforms. The Azidpod® CZ’s highly simplified structural design is highly standardized and modular, making installation and maintenance fast and simple. It also has very few moving parts, which helps to reduce noise and vibration to create a more comfortable environment for those onboard. Finally, the built-in high-efficiency electric motors and overall design minimizes thrust loss and helps reduce fuel consumption by 20%-30%, meaning large offshore vessels not only reduce operating costs but also become more environmentally-friendly as they move about the sea.

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