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FOXOLM offers an accurate, detailed and new perspective of your utility communication network

FOXOLM is a business intelligence platform which combines relevant network information from one or more network management systems to provide visualization, reporting and analysis of network asset utilization across multi-service technologies, including PDH, SDH, WDM and Ethernet.

FOXOLM plays a key role in providing accurate documentation of the communication network, detailed analysis of inventory & capacity usage in the field, increases communication channel availability for critical applications and provide efficient tools for planning & optimization in network extensions/retirements.

FOXOLM also allows operational staff to visualize As-Built diagrams for network exploration, as well as line managers to use built-in analysis and reporting tools to profile regions or identify areas that are the most exposed to risk. Furthermore, network planners can drill down to detailed inventory statistics to determine potential capacity bottlenecks as well as design new network diagrams for planned extensions and strategic migrations in the communication network.

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