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Arctic cellular gateway products

Arctic cellular gateway products are used for cost effectively connecting remote Ethernet and serial devices to a central location using a public broadband wireless network. Remote field assets such as those deployed by utility, oil and gas, mining and other industrial operations can leverage existing service provider networks from AT&T (LTE, WCDMA or GSM) or Verizon (LTE, CDMA) to connect to field devices.

Arctic enables personnel to remotely control and/or monitor remote assets reducing the frequency of on-site visits, saving time and expenses and improving operational efficiencies. Using an existing cellular network infrastructure reduces capital investment and accelerates deployment time.

The Arctic produce line includes:

ARG600 - wireless cellular gateway
The ARG600 is an industrial-grade LTE cellular gateway featuring broadband performance, built in firewall and VPN connectivity for secure end-to-end communications. Ethernet, serial and DNP3 devices can be attached to a TCP/IP based communications network that is application agnostic.

ARM600 - M2M gateway
The ARM600 M2M Gateway is a communication server that serves as a VPN concentrator and firewall for up to 3000 ARG600 wireless cellular gateways. It also supports static IP addressing enabling customers to select to use a combination of cellular operators depending on available coverage and pricing.

Arctic Patrol - communication monitoring and management
Arctic Patrol is client software that provides centralized monitoring and management of communications for the ARG600 and ARM600 products. The software ships with the ARM600 and provides a web-based user interface via HTTPS, SSH and serial console.

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