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Industrial Mesh Network

A communication network is a fundamental necessity in most modern industrial operations to support process control and other factory applications

In many industrial facilities, wired networks are difficult to install or not flexible enough to support quick process reconfiguration, making wireless an ideal choice. An industrial wireless mesh network provides customers with the flexibility to install the type of network they need, including support for remote locations and mobile equipment.

ABB Wireless TropOS mesh networking solutions provide a scalable and reliable foundation to securely support multiple concurrent network-based industrial applications including:

Mobile in-plant access to process control software – enables access to ABB System 800xA technology and other process management and automation software from the factory floor.

Process instrumentation, automation and control – collect process and diagnostic data from field devices and provide communications to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control systems (DCSs).

Mobile video applications – provide video feeds to and from handheld or wearable devices for maintenance, process management, and security anywhere in the facility.

Power automation and process electrification – enable advanced electrical distribution functions such as load shedding, peak shaving and power consumption prediction.

CCTV and IP camera integration – remotely monitor video cameras in real-time, improving site security and safety.

Facility access control and safety systems – use key cards, fobs, keypads, or biometrics to control and record access to the facility or specific areas within the facility; network fire and gas detection and suppression systems as well as shut-down systems.

Operator, engineer, contractor and guest Internet access in plant – enables Wi-Fi access to Internet or enterprise applications throughout the plant’s communication network for workers and guests via laptops, tablets and smart phones.

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