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  Spanish, English
China   Chinese, English
  Spanish, English
Czech Republic     Czech, English
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Ecuador   Spanish, English
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Finland     Finnish, English
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Germany     German, English
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India   English
Italy     Italian, English
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Kuwait   English, Arabic
Luxembourg     French, Dutch, English
  English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese
Mexico   Spanish, English
Netherlands   French, Dutch, English
New Zealand   English
Norway   Norwegian, English
Oman   English, Arabic
Panama   Spanish, English
  Spanish, English
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Polish, English
Qatar   English, Arabic
Saudi Arabia   English, Arabic
Singapore   English, Chinese
South Africa   English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho, Tsonga, Xhosa
South Korea   Korean, English
Spain   Spanish, English
Sweden   Swedish, English
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French, German, English, Italian
Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)   Chinese, English, Taiwanese
Turkish, English
United Arab Emirates   English, Arabic
United Kingdom   English
United States   English

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