Benefits of ABB Compact Product Suite for building DCS solutions

Engineer your own distributed control system for Process Automation

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The Compact Product Suite is an extensive range of control products - process controllers, field interfaces, Human System Interfaces (HSI), process recorders or Safety Solutions - that allow you to meet your specific automation needs with seamless perfection. These products can be used in combination as a customized solution or, alternatively, they can be used stand-alone to complement an existing solution.

Works seamlessly

Whether used in combination or stand alone – the product families of the Compact Product Suite will complement one another and work seamlessly to provide a complete solution for your automation task.
Essential Controller Suite Essential Connect Suite Essential HSI Suite Essential Recorder Suite Essential Safety Suite
AC 800M and
Compact Control Builder M
S700 I/O
S800 I/O
Compact HMI ScreenMaster Paperless Recorder (SM500F, SM1000, RVG200 and SM3000) Independent High Integrity
AC 700F and Control Builder F S800L I/O
S900 I/O
Panel 800 Commander Circular Chart Recorder Series (CI300, CI900-R, CI900-RC, CI901, CI950 and CI960)
AC 500 PLC S500 ControlMaster Panel-Mount Indicator (CM15) Strip Chart Recorders
ControlMaster Panel-Mount Controller Series Fieldbuses
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