Backup and Restore

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All data related to the tool itself and available projects can be stored in a backup to restore it if required.

Information about last created backup and options to create and restore a backup are available in Tools Menu - OPTIONS - BACKUP AND RESTORE.

Backup and Restore

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Create manual backup

A backup can always be created manually whenever needed, e.g. before certain maintenance activities or when moving to another node.

Click the CREATE BACKUP button and the backup is created on the Field Information Manager Server node.

Create automatic backup

Regular backups can help to secure important data without the need of manual user actions.

Schedule automatic backups for a certain time interval (e.g. every 2 weeks) at a specified time (e.g. 1am at night) and accept the settings. Information about date and time of next scheduled backup is updated accordingly. The configured backups are created automatically on the Field Information Server node.

Restore backup

A created backup can be used to restore all included tool data from a certain point in time.

A backup can only be restored with one connected Field Information Manager Client.

Click the RESTORE BACKUP button, select the required backup file from the list and click the OK button. The Windows service of the Field Information Manager Server is stopped automatically and the Client loses the connection. Please wait a moment or observe the service status displayed in Windows Services. Field Information Manager Server restores the selected backup in the background and restarts automatically once finished. Field Information Manager Client can be started up if the service of Field Information Manager Server is running again.

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