Device Names and Synchronizations

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FIM supports different sources for device names, directly from the field device (e.g. TAG) or also from the connected system (e.g. ABB Ability™ System 800xA or ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus).

These synchronization options are available in Tools Menu - PROJECTS - SYNCHRONIZATIONS.


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Device Names

The following names are available in FIM:

  • Device Tag: The identifier name that exists in the parameter set of the physical device.
  • Device Name: The name of the Device Tile object.
  • Offline Dataset Tag: The identifier name that exists in the parameter set of the Offline Dataset.

For field devices without commissioned tags, FIM also provides an option for "Device Names from System". For more details, pleaser refer to the specific part on this page.

Synchronization Options

HART 5 standardization supports TAG parameter names limited to 8 characters, but usually the TAG concept of the projects requires more than 8 characters. HART 7 standardization contains a LONG TAG parameter that is limited to 32 characters, but at the moment the penetration of HART 7 devices in projects is very rare. Due to that some projects are using as well the MESSAGE parameter of HART 5 devices as the identifier. This parameter is limited to 32 characters.

TAG, LONG TAG or MESSAGE parameter are supported as the device name (identifier of the Device Tile object). Via Tools Menu - PROJECTS - SYNCHRONIZATIONS, the tag mapping options specify which device parameter should be used as the device name. When enabled, any change on the Device Name in Field Information Manager synchronizes the selected device identifier parameter automatically in the physical device and corresponding Offline Dataset.

Device Name from System

The option "Get Device Name from System" is part of the tag mapping options which are available at Tools Menu - PROJECTS - SYNCHRONIZATIONS. After enabling it, a certain property is read from the connected system during topology scan:

  • ABB Ability™ System 800xA:
    Signal / Variable name configured in System 800xA for the I/O module channel to which the field device is connected.
  • ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus (Melody):
    Process point name configured in Melody Engineering for the I/O function block to which the field device is connected. In case of ambiguities, the process item of the I/O function block is attached.
  • ABB Ability™ Symphony Plus (Harmony):
    Label name configured in Harmony Control Engineering for the HART field device.

Devices for which a Device Name from system cannot be determined have the name according to procol settings, e.g. "Tag" for HART devices.

Device Name from System 800xA

Optional Import of a Mapping Table

In addition to the Device Name from the connected system, Field Information Manager supports the optional import of a Mapping Table.

It can be used when the Device Name from system does not match user expectations and should be mapped to another Device Name, e.g. from another database.

The Mapping Table is a simple CSV file with the two columns "FOUND DEVICE NAME" and "DISPLAYED DEVICE NAME":
  • FOUND DEVICE NAME: Device Name as received from system and displayed in Field Information Manager.
  • DISPLAYED DEVICE NAME: Device Name that shall be displayed instead of FOUND DEVICE NAME.

Data of Mapping Table becomes active directly after import and is also used in all upcoming topology scans. It remains active until a new Mapping Table is imported.

Example for Mapping Table with Device Names from System

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