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Documentation and Tooltips

ABB Field Information Manager Learning Center

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Access device documentation and attachments

Field Information Manager offers two options to access device documentation and device attachments.

Access documentation per Device Tile:
  1. Select a Device Tile from either the Topology Tool or Device Bar of Field Information Manager.
  2. Click or touch on the Device Tile and open the Context Menu.
  3. From the Context Menu please select the item ADDRESS & DETAILS.
  4. On the ADDRESS & DETAILS view please select the ATTACHMENTS block.
  5. Select the attachment you intend to access.

Access documentation per Device Package of Device Catalog:

  1. Open the Device Catalog via Tools Menu.
  2. On the left of Device Catalog list the Device Package are listed as Tiles. Click or touch on the Device Package Tile and open the Context Menu.
  3. From the Context Menu please select the item DOCUMENTS ATTACHED.
  4. From the appearing list, please select the document you intend to read.

Access ABB Knowledge Store

The help icon that is available in the top right corner of the Field Information Manager frame gives access to the online documentation.

Please select ABB KNOWLEDEGE STORE to get access to the ABB knowledge database. Accessing that page requires a connection to the internet.
The ABB knowledge database is a platform by ABB and end users to discuss tool functionality and best practice. Some of the ABB experts and developers are accessing the knowledge store as well.

Use the Tooltip Picker

Tooltips are mostly required when working with Device Views, like Device Settings for example. The general Tooltip is displayed when hovering with the mouse pointer over an element which is not possible in case of touch devices.

Tooltip access is required when using Device Views, like DEVICE SETTINGS for example, because the parameter descriptions and value ranges are handled via the tooltips.

  1. Please open a Device View (like DEVICE SETTINGS) or access any other view where usually tooltips are available.
  2. Click or touch the Tooltip Picker and keep the picker selected. The picker is available in the top right corner of the Field Information Manager frame.
  3. Drag the Tooltip Picker to the element where you want to display the tooltip for. You can drag the picker from one element to another element and the corresponding tooltip is available immediately without releasing the picker element.
  4. If you want to change a parameter value please drop the Tooltip Picker on that element and the tooltip will stay on screen during the time you are editing. Even now, you can select the picker again and move the picker to another value if required.
  5. The Tooltip Picker will disappear and jump back to his home position as soon as you click or touch into a free area on screen.

Basic Concept