Easy Access Wizard

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The Easy Access Wizard is a navigation area in FIM appearing to the right. The user can pin the Easy Access Wizard if required.

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Access Types

The Easy Access Wizard offers three different access types:
  • Favorite: The user specifies a favorite on device views via the [...] button that is positioned close to the parameter name.
  • Frequently Used: List managed automatically based on the usage of device parameters.
  • Last Used: List recorded automatically based on performed changes on device parameters.

Each entry name has an icon in front that specifies either if the referred item is a device parameter or a device menu / function.

Easy Access Wizard Access Types

Access an Entry

The different access types are available in the Easy Access Wizard shortcut area. They are split into Device Entries and Offline Entries.

The Device Entries are accessing the online parameter values of the connected device. Any value change here will change the value in the physical device.

The Offline Entries are accessing the parameter and values of the offline database. Any change here will change the offline database and does not affect the physical device.

The Easy Access Wizard Shortcut area can be opened by using the "clock" icon on the right upper part of Field Information Manager.

The wizard will appear to the right. Please click on one of the items and the tool will navigate to the device view where the corresponding parameter exists.

Create a Favorite

Please create a Favorite for a parameter that is often used. As soon as an UI element of a device view shows the “three dots” button, a Favorite can be added (the picture below shows add favorite button marked with a red cicle).

Remove a Favorite

A Favorite can be removed using the Easy Access Wizard.
Click on the Easy Access Wizard button which appears in the upper right area of Field Information Manager.
The wizard will appear to the right. Please open the Context Menu of a Favorite (mouse right click, or long touch) on an item and select REMOVE FAVORITE to remove that item from the Shortcut area.

Offline vs. Online Entries

Field Information Manager supports entries for connected physical devices as well as for offline device configurations. As soon as the user works with a Device View the favorites switch automatically to the ones related to that view. Optionally, the user can select the Online or Offline section manually.

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