Using FIM on Touch Devices

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Enable optimized controls for touch device

Field Information Manager supports the user when working with touchscreen devices. Several controls will appear in a design more suitable for touchscreen devices when the Enhanced Touch Mode is enabled via the "hand" icon.

Enable this option if you are using a touch device (like a tablet). Usually the Enhanced Touch Mode reshapes several controls of the user interface to display them with more free space in between.

Please note that the Enhanced Touch Mode disables the standard mouse behavior for accessing the tooltips. For displaying the tooltips, it's required to use the Tooltip Picker then.

Click on the Enhanced Touch Mode button in the top right corner of Field Information Manager to activate or deactivate this mode.

Optimize the virtual keyboard to support touch handling in FIM

The Windows Operating System contains a virtual keyboard and the Field Information Manager uses the virtual keyboard as soon as the optimized touch handling is enabled.

As soon as the user touches into an input box, the virtual keyboard pops up automatically. However, the Field Information Manager cannot completely control the virtual keyboard. Mostly it’s required that the user sets the virtual keyboard in an overlapping mode. In this mode, the user can touch the headline of the keyboard and move it into a position that is not overlapping some parameter.

How to set the virtual keyboard to overlapping mode:
  1. Enable Enhanced Touch Mode in Field Information Manager (if not already done).
  2. Touch into an input box to call up the virtual keyboard.
  3. The right upper part of the virtual keyboard frame offers two buttons used for controlling the virtual keyboard appearance. Please select the button used for overlapping mode.
  4. The virtual keyboard has been set to overlapping mode.

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