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Order a license and supply a correct MAC address

  • For ordering a license, please use the "Contact information" section at the bottom of this page.
  • It is important to know that installation of FIM is separate from licensing. Installation is never prevented due to a lack of licensing. However, appropriate license is required in order to use the advanced features.
  • The license is dependent on the MAC address of one of the adapters of the system in use. The Field Information Manager software provides a list with available adapters in the Options Menu - License Handling. Please provide the MAC address of the preferred adapter when you order a license.
  • During the ordering & procurement stage, ABB staff will ask for the MAC address of the system in use.
  • Make sure that the MAC address of a permanent Ethernet adapter is supplied.

  • Load a license file into Field Information Manager

    Please drag & drop the license file into the Field Information Manager frame and the import will start automatically.

    Another option is to open the License Handling option page:

    1. Open the Options via Field Information Manager Tools Menu.
    2. Select the option LICENSE HANDLING.
    3. Selecting the LOAD LICENSE button will open up a file dialog.
    4. Browse to the license file location and accept the dialog.

    Check that a license is valid

    Use this option if you are facing problems with the used license. The license options are available on the LICENSE HANDLING option page.

    1. Open the Options from the Field Information Manager Tools Menu.
    2. Select the option LICENSE HANDLING.
    3. Watch the area License file. Please validate that in the area license ordering one of the listed Machine IDs is identical to the ID of the license file.
    4. The Active license provides information about which Edition is currently used.
      The Expiration date gives information about the date when the license expires.
      The Features section contains the different features that are available in the license file and if the feature is Valid (green icon), Violated (red icon) or Not licensed (grey icon).

    Count Tags

    The Tag count includes all field device "online" datasets and all "offline" configuration datasets. A field device, that consists out of an "online" and "offline" configuration is counted as 1 Tag. Templates are not counted as Tags.
    Each FIM license contains a fixed number of Tags. The Tag number can be increased if necessary, which is dependent on the used FIM Edition.

    Field Information Manager Editions:

    • Device Window "Free" Edition:
      • No license required
      • 1 Tag supported
      • No option to increase Tag count

    • Device Handheld Edition:
      • License required
      • 100 Tags included 
      • Option to increase Tag count

    • Device Management Edition:
      • License required
      • 100 Tags included
      • Option to increase Tag count
      • Supports Control System and OPC UA connectivity

    The FIM options page OPTIONS - LICENSE HANDLING shows license informations, like the active FIM Editon and the currently used count of Tags.

    Analyze if license fails

    The FIM license file is linked to a Machine ID. The Machine ID is a unique identification representing the physical address of a network adapter in the Windows Operating System. Depending on the computer hardware, the number of network adapters is different. For example, a laptop computer sitting in a docking station contains more network adapters than a touch pad.

    FIM shows all available Machine IDs (i.e. the network adapter IDs) on the LICENSE HANDLING options page. All displayed Machine IDs can be used for the license handling. But, and this is important, the linked Machine ID of the license file and therefore the corresponding network adapter must be enabled all the time to ensure that FIM can identify that ID and grant the valid license.

    Some computer hardware disables the network adapters automatically if not used. This is usually caused by the power options of that computer node. A disabled network adapter is no longer visible in the Microsoft Operating System and therefore not visible for FIM either. If a FIM license is linked to a Machine ID where the corresponding network adapter has been disabled, then the FIM will signalize that the license fails.

    The FIM options LICENSE HANDLING shows the currently used license file and the Machine ID where it is based on. Please check that the license file Machine ID is also listed in the available "Machine IDs of this computer" section.

    Then please ensure that all network adapters of your computer are enabled:

    1. Open the Windows Start Menu and select the Control Panel.
    2. Then please navigate to the Network and Sharing Center option.
    3. There, please select Change adapter settings which will provide an overview about which adapters are enabled or disabled. Please enable all adapters (right mouse click).

    If the license file is still invalid then please contact your local ABB support team. You will find further information about your local ABB support at

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