Device Status Dashboard

ABB Field Information Manager Learning Center

Field Information Manager provides an overview of field device information in the form of a Device Status Dashboard.

The Dashboard displays the following information:

  • Modified device parameters through online EDD menus.
  • Modified device parameters using a download.
  • Change in device diagnosis information.
  • Change in device communication state.
  • Messages entered by the user.

Diagrams show data gathered from a device. Data can be filtered using Field Device Tag, Field Device Type and Time Range. Elements to be displayed can be enabled or disabled in the legends.

The Device Status Dashboard makes the available information easily accessible for the operator, in order to analyze and work with it. Events are displayed with device name, user (who performed the action), timestamp (with time zone information) and event type. Further details are displayed for the currently selected event.

The Device Status Dashboard also includes events for devices which have been removed from the topology over time, e.g. because they have been disconnected and replaced. These devices and their corresponding events are displayed if the "Display historical entries" switch in the top menu bar is enabled.

The Device Status Dashboard is a powerful functionality in Field Information Manager. Therefore, it is recommended to close it before performing other consuming engineering operations (e.g. bulk upload, compare, etc.).


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Navigation to the Dashboard

Information can be displayed for a dedicated device, a user-selected list of devices, or all devices contained in a project.

The Device Status Dashboard can be opened through the following menus:

    Navigation Tools Menu
  • Device Tile Context Menu - MORE - DASHBOARD - DEVICE STATUS
    Navigation Device Tile Context Menu
  • Bulk Device Tile Context Menu - MORE - DASHBOARD - DEVICE STATUS
    Navigation Bulk Device Tile Context Menu

Whenever the entry point is a field device, the Dashboard is opened for this field device.
Alternatively when the entry point is a communication server, a controller or a gateway, the Dashboard is opened for all field devices below this entry point.

Working with the Device Status Dashboard

The Device Status Dashboard is the entry point. It consists of the following three areas:
  • Field Device Filters
  • Diagrams
  • Event Details

By displaying all available information on one page, it provides a good overview before going into the details. From the Device Status Dashboard, each of the three diagrams can be opened in a detailed view.

Overview Dashboard

Use Filter Settings

The Field Device Filter section provides the opportunity to filter the data displayed in the Device Status Dashboard. With every filter change, the displayed data is updated immediately.

Possible filters are Field Device Name, Field Device Type and Time Range.
The Field Device Name also offers a Search bar to apply a filter to all matching Tags.

Field Device Filters

Working with the Diagrams

The Device Status Dashboard in Field Information Manager contains the following three different diagrams to display the gathered data: Audit Trail, Field Device Diagnosis and Field Device Communication diagram.

The Audit Trail diagram displays event information.
The covered events are:
  • Communication State
  • Field Device Diagnosis
  • Send to Field Device
  • Read from Field Device
  • Parameter Change
  • User Message
  • Loop Check
  • Warning
  • Error

Entered signature information (e.g. reason for change and approver name) is included in Audit Trail events (e.g. Parameter Change, Send to Field Device).

Audit Trail Diagram

The Device Diagnosis diagram displays the number of devices with a specific NE107 state over time.
These NE107 states include:

  • Normal
  • Failure
  • Maintenance Required
  • Function Check
  • Out of Specification

Field Device Diagnosis Diagram

The Field Device Communication diagram displays the number of devices with a communication state good or bad over time.

Field Device Communication Diagram

Working with the Details Dashboard

Device Status Dashboard diagrams can be opened in a detailed view within the same window, a new window, or in a splitted window. These options are accessible in each of the diagrams displayed in the Device Status Dashboard. Open the hamburger menu at the top left of a diagram and choose the way the Details Dashboard if this diagram shall be opened.

Navigation Details Dashboard

Whenever a Details Dashboard is opened in the same window ("Open details here"), a navigation back and forth between Device Status and Details Dashboard is possible via the buttons "Back" and "Forward".

Back and Forward Buttons

The Details Dashboard contains the filter settings, a detailed view of the diagram and a table with appropriate events. Filter settings are initially inherited from the Device Status Dashboard and displayed in collapsed view. The filter section can be expanded and changed in Details Dashboard.
Details Dashboard

Export Dashboard Events

Events displayed in the Device Status Dashboard (and also all Details Dashboards) can be exported to PDF file format.

The "Export Events" button is available in the top menu bar of Device Status Dashboard and opens an options dialog to specify the data to export:

  • Scope: Export all displayed events (according to filter settings) or only the currently selected event.
  • Export Type: Generate one PDF file for all devices or one PDF file per device.

After confirming the options, the export process is performed accordingly.

Each PDF file contains a list of all included events with hyperlinks to navigate to the corresponding details of the selected event.

Export Dashboard Events


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