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The right menu items of the Context Menu offer the FDI defined views for device configuration - DEVICE SETTINGS, device diagnostic - DIAGNOSTIC and device operation - OPERATE. These menus are only available as long as a device is connected and reachable.

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Access general device information

General device informations are available via ADDRESS & DETAILS view of Device Tile Context Menu.

The ADDRESS & DETAILS view contains following information:
   Device name (changeable)
   Device address (changeable)
   Device Package information
   Basic device information
   Device Package attachments

Access device settings, diagnostics and operation

The device settings view, diagnostics view and operate view are available via the Device Tile Context Menu.

If a legacy EDD (fm8 file) does support different menus then, then please use the OTHER EDD MENUS option of Device Tile Context Menu instead.

Device Health Status

A device can indicate its health status using the NAMUR NE 107 standard which covers five different status indications. It is displayed e.g. in Device Views and Dashboard.

Device Health Status

Change the maintenance access level

The current version of Field Information Manager supports two maintenance levels: Standard and Specialist. Dependent on the Device Package some parameter might require the Specialist level and that parameter are not accessible as long as the Standard level is assigned.
  1. Open the Options via Tools Menu
  2. Select the option User Permissions from the options menu
  3. Select the maintenance access level you intend to use and confirm the selection then

Print device settings - VIDEO

Use this option if you want to create a pdf document containing the settings from the Offline Dataset.
  1. Please select a Device Tile object and ensure that the physical Device Dataset is in sync with the Offline Dataset. Please note that the printing will only use the parameter and values of the Offline Dataset. You can sync both datasets by using the Context Menu and UPLOAD DOWNLOAD.
  2. From the Context Menu please select the sub item MORE and PRINTING, and please select one of the configuration views that you intend to use for the printing.
  3. You can specify a free text that is printing in the header of each page.
  4. Please specify where to save the printing pdf file and select SAVE button afterwards.
  5. The printing will start and save the generated pdf document.

Access My Control System and ServIS platform

Use the Field Information Manager connected to an ABB device for accessing ABB ServIS platform that is providing easy access to device documentation, device spare parts and other device information.

Note: This functionality requires an online connection with the internet.

My Control System is a web platform for all ABB Control System customers. ABB customers with Automation Sentinel subscription will get access to additional information and services.

ServIS is the ABB platform for the installed base management and contains the ABB field device installed base. ServIS is part of My Control System.

Usually the ServIS access in My Control System requires an extra subscription. Please open the Field Information Manager web page on and create an inquiry to ABB Service and Support. You will find the inquiry element at the end of the web page. In your inquiry please state that you want to access the ABB ServIS support on ABB My Control System.

How to access ServIS platform for an ABB field device

  1. Select a Device Tile and open the Context Menu.
  2. From the Context Menu please select the item ADDRESS & DETAILS.
  3. From the ADDRESS & DETAILS please open the ONLINE DEVICE INFORMATION area.
  4. The HART Serial No information is blue colored and shaped as a hyperlink. Please select the number and the tool will open a web explorer navigating to the My Control System login page.
  5. Assign your My Control System login (user and password).
  6. Your ServIS device information is now presented.

Device Management

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